How to get profit from your own website?

How to get profit from your own website?

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At rising tech dev, we believe that website not only brings your business profit but can also be profitable itself. There are various ways to earn profit from your website especially blogs and news portals etc. For newbie bloggers who want to earn money from their blog, we have some best tips for bloggers. Following are three main sources which you can use to earn from your own blog:

Affiliate Marketing

You can use affiliate marketing as a source of income by placing tracked affiliate links into the text of your blog. Every time your reader clicks through to a site you recommend and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission, The links you place on your website will lead your readers to the website of a brand. These brands will give you commission as a way of thank you for sending your valuable readers to them. Mostly all of the e-commerce businesses have affiliate marketing set up. The key to a successful affiliate marketing is to be authentic and write an honest reviews and articles about the products or services of the brand. You must only encourage your readers to buy the products or services if you really think that it will benefit them.

Banner Advertising

Another most common way to earn money from blog is selling banner advertising space on your website to brands who can relate to your readers. These adverts can be placed anywhere on your blog but mostly bloggers put them on the top of the pages or in the sidebar. This is the most easy way to earn a little money. All you need to do is put some code on your website, set up adverts and then just let it do its work.

Sponsored Content or Guest Post

Advertorials or sponsored content is one of the best ways to earn money from blog. You also place adverts on your website for brands but in this case the adds are a complete article. For example, if channel launches a new watch and you have a blog about watches and reviews. Then they might give you commission to write an article about new launched watch and publish it. You will send your readers to the watch website and get some money in return. This only works if you have really strong readership and huge loyal audience. For this you need to create a blog for a specific niche and grow your readership. Then the brands will reach you themselves to publish on your website.

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