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At Rising Tech Dev, we are as passionate as you are about blogger, blogging and getting out there in digital world. Blogging has become a great way for people from every class of life to present their thoughts, art or science to the rest of the world. Some people say that blogging is a mix of art and science. I completely agree with it. Although starting a blog needs you to have a lot of technical knowledge and experience, but once a developer has made it for you. You can immediately start showing off your artistic work from any field, it can be cooking, gardening or some tech talk.

Many bloggers we worked with come to us with no technical knowledge at all. Don’t worry if you don’t have any technical knowledge. We help such customers by teaching them and guiding them about how to use their newly launched blog? How to use the Content Management System? Also how to select good SEO content? At the end of the project these customers were not only able to select a content which is SEO optimised but also use the content management system efficiently. As a bonus we also gave them few tips on how to promote their blog? which they really appreciated.

We also worked on blogs whose owners had some technical knowledge, but were stuck in the complicated world of Blog development. We helped them and showed them THE RIGHT WAY TO BLOG. We also redesigned their blog to look more elegant and responsive. As you know that with templates you really get what you pay for. Therefore, we gave extra love to their blogs and add hand written code to make the site more personalised. They loved our work and were very impressed.

That’s enough about our bloggers we have worked with, Now lets discuss what you should do once you have a customised blog up and running?

Best Tips For Blogger

There are many tips over the internet about blogging. But as a expert team member, I will share few of them with you:

Understand your Niche

Understanding your niche is the first step you should take if you want to start blogging. Look at the other blogs or websites related to your niche. Read carefully at what they are publishing. Understand how they are writing and what are they writing. What are their sources? Can you get these sources if you want to write a blog in the same niche. Try to absorb the knowledge from other blogs like a SPONGE. Keep absorbing the knowledge until you are an expert yourself.

Understand your audience

Just like a good sales man you should understand your audience. what they want to read? How often they want to read? Do they like more images in the blog? Do they like more text in the blog? Do they like to see advertisement in the post? Will they like how long content? Will they like simple or complicated language? These are the essential questions which you should answer before start writing. Because if you don’t know what your audience wants then you don’t know what to put out in from of them.

Get Ideas from your audience

As a good salesman always say Customer is Always RIGHT!. The same applies here, you need to make sure that you get ideas from your audience. Look for popular trend on social media about your niche. Then do some research about that trend. Then start writing a blog with enough knowledge that no once can say that you are wrong. Try your best to give authentic and reliable information. As reader is only interested in reliable and good content.

Write, Write and Write

From nursery till university life, we are taught to Write, Write & Write. Why? Because it improves our ability to express our thoughts in the form of text. The same school life rule applies to blogging. You can’t keep your reader on your website reading your post if it is not written properly or if it has too many grammatical mistakes. Most of the time a reader will leave your website if they see too many spelling mistakes or too many grammatical ┬ámistakes.

Therefore, to make sure you have captured your readers interest, you must write excellent content with no grammatical mistakes at all. I really can’t emphasise this enough, you must start writing immediately and keep writing to improve your style of writing.

So, these are few of my tips for beginners who want to start blogging. Moreover, for a no obligation free quote, you can email us at:

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We will guide you on your blogging adventure. Moreover, I will be publishing more blogging tips on this blog so stay tuned!


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